Shib Dass Difference™

We go the extra step to ensure our customers have the exact products they need—right when they're needed—to keep vital operations moving.

Selling pipe, fittings and flanges seems simple. But doing it well is not. From logistics and inventory timing to quality assurance requirements and managing unforeseen challenges, there are an infinite number of potential complications. But at Shib Dass & Sons, our attention to detail and dedication to quality helps us make sure it all goes right. That’s because we leverage our extensive mission-critical pipe resources on every project. It’s how we’ve come to be known as one of the top distributors in the world. And it’s all part of the Shib Dass Difference™.

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Inventory - When you need mission-critical materials delivered on your schedule, count on the largest inventory of its kind in India.
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Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing - When it comes to critical materials, a supplier is only as good as their connections.
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Project Management

Project Management - Dedicated project managers set us apart and help ensure transparency and accurate delivery of your critical materials.
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - At Shib Dass & Sons, it’s not just about supplying critical materials—it’s about making sure the product is certified and ready to perform.
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